CS 441

Introduction to Computer Networking

Spring 2004

Syllabus and Course Information



The goal of this course is to provide undergraduate students with sound understanding of fundamental concepts and problems in networking and to train them in network programming.  We will cover topics in data link, networking, transport, and application layers.  This semesters programming assignments are designed to give them a taste of network monitoring and to raise security awareness in them.



Class Schedule:

         Tue and Thu, 2:30-4:00pm in Rm 2443 in Bldg E3-1




Instructor: Assistant Professor Sue Bok Moon

         Rm #4424

         Dept. of Computer Science

         sbmoon AT cs.kaist.ac.kr (Please indicate [cs441] in the email header for convenience.)


Office Hours:

         Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-11:30am in Rm 4424 in Bldg E3-1, or by appointment


Teaching Assistants:

         Kim, Yuseong (yskim AT cosmos.kaist.ac.kr)

         Cha, Meeyoung (mycha AT an.kaist.ac.kr)

         Kang, Mingyung (mgkang AT an.kaist.ac.kr)


Class Web Site: http://an.kaist.ac.kr/cs441

         Lecture notes and homework assignments will be posted here.

         Questions regarding the class should be emailed out to cs441@an.kaist.ac.kr

         Emails to cs441@an.kaist.ac.kr are archived here.



     Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie, Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

         3rd Ed., Morgan Kaufmann, 2003


Homework Grading Policy:

         No late turn-in is allowed.  Turn in as much as you have done on time at the beginning of class on a due date.


Supplementary Reading:

         For reading assignments, check the schedule.


Grading Policy:

         Attendance and Class Participation: 10% (check attendance)

         Homework: 20%

         Programming Assignments: 20%

         Mid-term: 25%

         Final: 25%



End of Semester Questionnaire:

         We asked students to do a two-part questionnaire: the first part about their experience on taking a course in English and the second part on using .Net/C#.  The results are posted here.