HS 100

Freshman Seminar

Marathon and Diet

Spring 2004

Syllabus and Course Information


We will study the history of marathon, basic rules of marathon training, and health benefits of marathon.


Class Schedule:

         1: Wed, 3/17, 5:00-6:00pm

         2: Thu, 4/1, 4:30pm – History of marathon

         3: Thu, 4/29, 4:30pm – 10min run and basics of running and stretching

4:,Thu, 5/6 5:00pm – 30min run and review of international and local races

         5: Thu, 5/13, 5:00pm – 30min run and how to train for a marathon

         6: Thu, 5/20, 5:00pm – 30min run and benefits of marathon

         7: Fri, 6/4, 5:30pm – Semester wrap-up


Instructor: Assistant Professor Sue Bok Moon

         Rm #4424

         Bldg. E3-1 (정보전자공학동)

         Dept. of Computer Science

         sbmoon AT cs.kaist.ac.kr (Please indicate [hs100] in the email header for convenience.)


Office Hours:

         Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-11:30am in Rm 4424 in Bldg E3-1, or by appointment


Class Web Site: http://an.kaist.ac.kr/courses/hs100