HS 100

Freshman Seminar

Film Festivals in Korea

Spring 2005

Syllabus and Course Information


The number of art cinema houses in Korea is abysmally small.  Instead various film festivals in Korea cover a wide spectrum of genres and fill in for the lack of art cinema houses, especially outside the metropolitan Seoul area.  In this course, we review the history and key characteristics of well-known Korean film festivals, such as PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival) and PIFAN (Puchon International Fanstastic Film Festival), and discuss the role of a film festival programmer.


Class Schedule:

         1: Fri, 3/4 4:00-5:00pm

         2: Sun, 3/27 4pm Movie viewing (지금 만나러 갑니다원제: いま, 會いにゆきます)

         3: Fri, 4/15 4pm Samsung LCD Division CEO Seminar

         4: Fri, 4/29 4pm

         5: Sun, 5/2 3pm Jeonju International Film Festival (별별 이야기영어제목: If You Were Me)

         6: Fri, 5/13 11am

         7: Fri, 5/27 11am


Instructor: Assistant Professor Sue Bok Moon

         Rm #4424

         Bldg. E3-1 (정보전자공학동)

         Dept. of Computer Science

         sbmoon AT cs.kaist.ac.kr (Please indicate [hs100] in the email header for convenience.)


Office Hours:

         Tuesday, Thursday 10:30am – Noon in Rm 4424 in Bldg E3-1, or by appointment


Class Web Site: http://an.kaist.ac.kr/courses/2005/hs100


Course Proposal in Korean: proposal.hwp