Computer Network Architecture

Spring 2006 



The goal of this course is to provide students with a solid basis for advanced studies in networking and systems.


Class Schedule:

         Mon and Wed, 9am – 10:30am in Rm (2xxx – 4th Lecture hall) in Building E3-1



         CS230 System Programming or equivalent

         CS330 Operating Systems or equivalent

         CS441 Introduction to Computer Networks or equivalent

         Or a consultation with the instructor


Instructor: Assistant Professor Sue Bok Moon

         Rm #4424, Bldg E3-1 (정보전산학동 4424)

         Dept. of Computer Science

         sbmoon AT cs kaist ac kr


Office Hours:

MonWed: 10:30am – Noon (Mark your time on my zeroboard calendar)

Or by appointment


Teaching Assistants:

         Cha, Meeyoung (mycha AT an kaist ac kr)

         Lee, DK (dklee AT an kaist ac kr)

         Lee, Jong Gun (jglee AT an kaist ac kr)


         You can reach all of them at cs540 AT an kaist ac kr.

         Paper reviews are due 9am on the day of corresponding class.

     Email your reviews to cs540 AT an kaist ac kr on time.


Class Web Site: http://an.kaist.ac.kr/courses/2006/cs540

         Lecture notes and homework assignments will be posted here.

         Questions regarding the class should be posted at our noah bbs.


Textbooks/Supplementary Reading:

[1]     Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 3rd Ed., Jim Kurose and Keith Ross, Addison Wesley.

[2]     Computer Networks, 2nd Ed., Jochen Schiller, Addison Wesley

[3]     Peer-to-peer systems and applications, Ralf Steinmetz, Klaus Wehrle (Eds.), Springer LNCS #3485

[4]     Web protocols and practice: HTTP/1.1, Networking Protocols, Caching, and Traffic Measurement, Balachander Krishnamurthy, Jennifer Rexford, Addison-Wesley

[5]     Ajax 입문: Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, 타카하시 토시로 , 창신 , 한빛미디어

[6]     Foundations of Ajax, Ryan Asleson and Nathaniel T. Schutta, Apress

[7]     Ajax in Action, Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello with Darren James, Manning


Grading Policy:

         Attendance and Class Participation: 10%

         Paper review: 20%

         Projects: 40%

         Exams: 30%