WST 500 Introduction to Web Science and Technology

Spring 2011

Course Overview

Web is a platform for online communication, trust, identity, and collective intelligence and also is a medium for social and political opinions, decision-making processes, and online reputation formulation. Web science and technology is an interdiscplinary program that combines law, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering and covers the role and functions of the web. This course offers an introduction to Web Science and Technology. This semester 12 professors who participate in the new WCU WebST program will teach and share their visions for this program, along with two guest speakers.

Main Coordinator

Sue Moon (sbmoon golbaengi kaist edu)




MonWed(Fri) 9:00am - 10:15am (1st class on March 2nd, 2011)

Office Hours


Lecture Schedule

3/2 Wed Intro (Sue Moon)
Course overview
3/7 Mon: Sue Moon
To Read: "LAMP lights enterprise development efforts" by George Lawton (IEEE Computer 2005)
Enabling Technology (I)
3/11 Fri 3hr (combined w/ 3/9): John Kim
3/14 Mon and 3/16 Wed: Kyu-Young Whang
3/21 Mon and 3/23 Wed: Sung-Eui Yoon
Information Contents Access and Manipulation
3/25 Fri (3hr): Key-Sun Choi
4/4 Mon (3hr): Sunghyon Myaeng
4/6 Wed and 4/8 Fri: Chin-Wan Chung
4/11 Mon and 4/13 Wed: Heungkyu Lee
Social and Collaborative Application and Analyses
4/18 Mon: Sue Moon
4/20 Wed: Junehwa Song
4/22 Fri and 4/25 Mon: Meeyoung Cha
Enabling Technology (II)
4/27 Wed and 5/6 Fri: Gregg Rothermel
5/9 Mon and 5/11 Wed: Inyoung Ko
Other disciplines
5/18 Wed: 4-5:30pm: Dong Hyueung Lee (Oh Sang Su seminar room)
5/20 Fri 10:30am - noon: Duk-Hee Lee on Network Economics & Course Wrap-Up

The order of the lectures may change.

Grading Policy

Attendance: 10%
Quiz: 30%
Project: 30%
Report report: 30%