WST560 Mobile Web and Application

2012 Spring

Course Overview

Today's users use their mobile phones to access email, news, and their social networks. Driving interests in mobile phones especially smartphones not only push for new exciting applications, but open up a new set of challenges on connectivity, privacy and security issues in mobile computing. In this course, we will be discussing recent developments in mobile systems and applications, especially those driven by smartphones. Our course will include lectures on basic materials, presentation and discussion on recent technical papers, and an interdisciplinary course project.


Teaching Assistants


Course Schedule (tentative)

Week 1Course introduction
2/6 2/8
Week 2Wireless 101
2/13 2/15
Week 3Mobile Social Networks
2/20 2/22
Week 4Mobile Social Networks
#25: Collaborative Location and Activity Recommendations with GPS history data WWW 2010 (Prof. Moon)
#26: The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Social Search Engine WWW 2010 (Prof. Moon)
Week 5Sensing and Inference
3/5(project proposal) 3/7
#1: Sensing Meets Mobile Social Networks: The Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the CenceMe Application, ACM Sensys 08 (Prof. Zheng)
#2: PRISM: Platform for Remote Sensing Using Smartphones, Mobisys 2010 (Prof. Zheng)
Week 6Sensing and Inference
#3: SoundSense: Scalable Sound Sensing for People-Centric Applications on Mobile Phones, Mobisys 2009 (Taehoon Cho)
#4: A Framework of Energy Efficient Mobile Sensing for Automatic Human State Recognition, Mobisys 2009 (Jong-in Lee)
#5: Darwin Phones: The Evolution of Sensing and Inference on Mobile Phones, Mobisys 2010 (Changhoon Lee)
Week 7Location+Energy
#6: MAUI: Making Smartphones Last Longer with Code Offload, Mobisys 2010 (Prof. Zheng)
#7: Energy-Efficient Rate-Adaptive GPS-Based Positioning for Smartphones, Mobisys 2010 (Young-geun Hahm)
#8: Energy-Delay Tradeoffs in Smartphone Applications, Mobisys 2010 (Gyucheol Park)
Week 8Mid-term exam
Week 9Location+Energy
#9: Energy-Accuracy Trade-Off for Continuous Mobile Device Location, Mobisys 2010 (Taehoon Cho)
#10: Improving Energy Efficiency of Location Sensing on Smartphones, Mobisys 2010 (Jong-in Lee)
#11: I am the Antenna: Accurate Outdoor AP location using Smartphones, MobiCom 2011 (Prof. Zheng)
Week 10Project Progress / holiday
Week 11Networking+Security
#12: Augmenting Mobile 3G Using WiFi, Mobisys 2010 (Prof. Zheng)
#13: Blue-Fi: Enhancing Wi-Fi Performance using Bluetooth Signals, Mobisys 2009 (Prof. Zheng)
#14: Fidelity-Aware Replication for Mobile Devices, Mobisys 2009 (Young-geun Hahm)
Week 12Networking+Security
#15: Anatomizing Application Performance Differences on Smartphones, Mobisys 2010 (Ha-myung Park)
#16: SMS-Based Mobile Web Search for Low-End Phones, MobiCom 2010 (Jaeung Lee)
#17: PhoneNet: a Phone-to-Phone Network for Group Communication within an Administrative Domain, MobiHeld 2010 (Insik Shin)
#17: Switchboard: A Matchmaking System for Multiplayer Mobile Games, MobiSys 2011 (Insik Shin)
Week 13Networking+Security, Multimedia+Search
#18: On the Forwarding Capability of Mobile Handhelds for Video Streaming over MANETs, MobiHeld 2010 (Ha-myung Park)
#18: Caché: Caching Location-Enhanced Content to Improve User Privacy, MobiSys 2011(Ha-myung Park)
#19: A Mobile Peer-to-Peer System for Opportunistic Content-Centric Networking, MobiHeld 2010 (Kyungwon Lee)
#19: TagSense: A Smartphone-based Approach to Automatic Image Tagging, MobiSys 2011 (Kyungwon Lee)
#20: iScope: Personalized Multi-Modality Image Search for Mobile Devices, Mobisys 2009 (Kyungwon Lee)
Week 14Multimedia+Search
#21: MoVi: Mobile Phone Based Video Highlights Via Collaborative Sensing, Mobisys 2010 (Changhoon Lee)
#22: CrowdSearch: Exploiting Crowds for Accurate Real-Time Image Search on Mobile Phones, Mobisys 2010 (Jaeung Lee)
#23: MobiUS: Enable Together-Viewing Video Experience across Two Mobile Devices, Mobisys 2007 (Insik Shin)
Week 15Multimedia+Search
#24: Using Mobile Phones to Write in Air, MobiSys 2011 (Gyucheol Park)
Week 16Final exam


Android Development