CS542 / WST510
Internet Systems Technology / Web Architecture
2014 Spring


In this course we cover fundamental technological components that make up today’s Web. The Web serves human beings in millions of different ways and the underlying infrastructure supporting it bears the direct consequences: fast pace of changes and complexity. Although it is not a seminar course, the course material will continue to evolve over time accommodating breakthroughs and changes in the Web and yet we will keep the emphasis on identifying core and enduring paradigms and technologies and incorporating hands-on projects. We begin with an overview of web architecture and then proceed to distributed computing models, services and protocols.

Sue Moon (sbmoon golbaengi kaist edu)
Junhyun Shim
Jaesung Kim
Email: cs542-ta golbaengi an kaist ac kr
Lecture Time
Mon/Wed 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Lecture Room
E3-1 Lecture Room 4 (제4강의실, #2445)

Programming Projects (tentative)

There will be a series of programming projects including MapReduce and other distributed data processing models. Previous lectures have covered implementation of PageRank in Hadoop and a toy search engine using its result.

More details will be available later.

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Schedule (tentative)

Week 1Introduction
Week 2Web architecture (clients, proxies, servers, web caches)
Week 3CDNs, overlays, P2P
Week 4Introduction to cloud computing services
Week 5Modern distributed systems
Week 6Introduction to data parallelism
Week 7MapReduce & Hadoop
Week 8(Mid-term exam)
Week 8Applications of MapReduce (PageRank, ...)
Week 10Graph processing via SPAR/Pregel
Week 11Green technology
Week 12Data center networking
Week 13Web-scale attacks
Week 14Future internet design and approaches
Week 15Wrap-up
Week 16(Final exam)