We seek to address fundamental rules that
govern today's Internet and
are to govern future Internet.

The Advanced Networking Laboratory engages in two broadly grouped research areas.

1. Network Platform

In network platform team, we are now focusing on research and development of the modularization of current software router framework and dynamically accelerated network model using coprocessor such as GPU.

2. Online Social Network

In online social network team, we are exploring what online users do and building interaction model of users in online social platform such as Twitter, online social game and news platform.

We have two major grants for those areas and other sources of funding from both the government and the industry.

We seek to address fundamental rules that govern today’s Internet and are to govern future Internet, if ever built, through solid experimental and theoretical research.

We recognize the importance of collaboration due to ever-expanding reaches of computer science disciplines, and work actively with researchers within and outside KAIST and abroad.

We encourage PhD students to work abroad during their PhD programs.

In the past students from our group have worked as interns and visitors at DIMACS, AT&T Labs, Inc. - Research , Intel Research Cambridge, Microsoft Research Cambridge , Telefonica Research - Barcelona , and SysNet group at the University of California, San Diego.